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The quality of IT support you receive is essential, and in most cases the single most important factor of the efficiency of your business and also your home. Idavo IT can provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution to the management of your IT systems, without the costs of in-house IT departments. Whether you need this for your business or home, I can make sure your systems are running at their best. Below are the essential components of IT support that I will provide to the highest standard.

Computer Healthcheck

Annual Checks and Troubleshooting (PC and Mac)

Regular computer health checks are necessary to ensure your computer runs at its best. Computer troubleshooting can be a mundane task, so allow me to take care of this whenever you need it. I can run an extensive list of system checks to make sure that you have no network issues, wi-fi issues or connectivity problems. If any are identified, I will address them immediately to ensure you get back to optimal efficiency.

Installation and Setup

Software Installation and Hardware Setup

Setting up and installing your new hardware can be a headache. I can assist you with this phase. You can be sure that your business or home computer system is setup in the best possible way which paves the way for an efficient and problem free system in the future. I will be there if you have any questions, or if you change your preferences along the way. I'll make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Broadband and Wireless

Wireless and Broadband Maintenance and Setup

Has your home PC stopped connecting to the internet? Are you stuck for where to put your home network router? Give me a call and I can rectify all of your issues. I can assist you by checking your Wifi and broadband connections and solving the problem. I can even advise the best products that are suitable for the layout of your home or office.

Data Protection

Data Security Against Theft and Damage

Idavo IT can equip you with the tools to ensure that sensitive data is not get lost, misused or accessed by an unauthorised user. Tracking the data as it moves throughout your organisation and preventing it from ending up outside of your walls. I put safeguards in place to ensure that your valuable data stays safe.

Data Loss Prevention

Data Backup, Recovery and Cloud Based Solutions

Data can easily be lost, thanks to hardware failure and virus threats. I can show you the best ways to back up your data whenever it is needed using cloud based solutions like Dropbox where your data is saved and synchronized on your computer as well as remotely. This way even in a hardware failure it's easy to recover your data as it is safely stored in the cloud and available when needed.

Online Security

Protection Against Online Viruses and Malware

The online world can sometimes be a treacherous place. Luckily for you, I have years of experience in cyber security, data protection and confidentiality. I have the skills needed to protect your business from external threats and can implement bespoke security from a wide range of internet protection and anti-virus software, ensuring you get a safe and secure system.

Advice and Help

Personalised Consultations To Help You Find What You Need

One of the joys of working with me is that, well, it is just me! You won't be passed from pillar to post or speak to a different team member every time you make contact. From the beginning, I will understand your needs and requirements and can give you the help and advice you need, quickly and effectively. Your own private IT butler is at your disposal whenever you need, all you have to do is give me a call.

Lessons and Tutoring

Personalised Computer Lessons Learn To Do More

I'm a qualified teacher and offer self tailored computer lessons. Do you struggle with Excel or perhaps Word doesn't do that you would like it to? No problem. We can sit down and get you up to speed. I can show you everything from how to surf the internet safely to creating a PDF document. Wherever you feel you are lacking, we can get you where you want to be.

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